Would You Like To Volunteer?

GREAT!!!  We are always looking for volunteers to help us out with all that goes on during our Celebrate Recovery Service.  All you have to do fill out the form on the volunteers page and someone will be contacting you to help you get started.  Just fill out the form below.


Do You Need Prayer?

We have an amazing prayer team that loves the opportunity to pray for anyone that needs it.  They pray around the clock so all you have to do fill out the form on the prayer page and someone will be praying for you as long as you need it.  If you would like, someone can be in contact with you too.  Just follow the link below to fill out the Prayer Form and select yes or no if you need to talk with some one.


Are You New?

Some one is standing by to answer any questions for you.  Just fill out the Visitor Form by following the link below.  We are so glad you with us.